Veggie Cottage Pie

My mother in law gave me a lovely Creuset pot for Christmas and I was keen to use it. I chose the Quorn recipe for Cottage Pie.
After a hot hour cooking in the kitchen, I’m not sure this was the best recipe to choose for my gorgeous pot. Toddlers are the harshest critics and mine nearly gagged when I made her eat some. I also had to laugh as Mr Plummy Mummy picked out all the peas. The whole thing was improved by a healthy dose of cheese but I must admit the recipe is rather too bland for my tastes.
Next time I use the pot, chillies are going to be part of the recipe for sure.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

When all is cold, dark and rainy, what better way to cheer up than ditch the diet and tuck into an old fashioned pud. I thought I would try this recipe as neither I or Mr Plummy Mummy have ever had it.

I had to change some things as I didn’t have the cherries, only had butter/vegetable oil spread, and my pineapples were in juice rather than syrup.
When I took it out of the oven, things didn’t look so good. There was smoke everywhere – my dreams of a being a master baker shattered! I should have followed the recipe letter for letter.

But when I turned it round, YIPPEE!!! it looked more or less like the picture.

Think we will have it after dinner tonight with some yummy Mackie’s vanilla icecream. If you never hear from me again, well you know what happened.

p.s. I am not a diet as I love cake, chocolate and cheese too much.