Burnt on food

The first part of this tip is:

Do not leave food cooking while you jump on the computer to quickly check something on the internet. There is never anything quick about the internet and before you know it, food has burnt to a crisp and ruined your favourite stainless steel pressure cooker.

The second part of this tip is:

Follow manufacturers instructions for cleaning your pot. But if you are brave, ditch the Mr Muscle type products and reach for a can of diet soda, irn bru or in my case Fanta. Pour in enough to cover the burnt on food, then bring to boil. Leave overnight and magically the next day, the burnt on food should be easy to take off with a scourer.

I take no responsibility for your pots being ruined if you follow this tip. For myself, I have a nice shiny pressure cooker again so I’m happy.


3 thoughts on “Burnt on food

    • Maybe we should just call those dishes “Flame grilled” or “Tandoori” and hope that the poor sods that have to eat it don’t notice

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