Buffalo milk pudding

OK I admit I was trying to make buffalo milk burfi following the Mamta’s kitchen recipe  and it went wrong. The resulting pudding was tasty so hence the post though in future I will try to make actual barfi.

Recently, I’ve taken to making my own pizzas and on the one occassion where I used proper buffalo milk mozarella (bought from Tesco) transformed my pizza into a heavenly delight. So I decided to be good and make khoya (the base ingredient of barfi) from buffalo milk. The only place I found it in London was Waitrose – Laverstoke Park Farm buffalo milk, £1.99 for 750ml.

It took about 1 hour to reduce the barfi down. As I didn’t have a non stick pan, I stood over the pressure cooker like a worried hen continually stirring to stop sticking. It reduced down but in retrospect, I didn’t reduce it enough as the pudding did not have the solidity of barfi. Hubby describes the final consistency as “more like caramel fudge”.

It’s odd milk. As it cooked, I could smell buffalo in the same way as you can smell goat when cooking goat’s cheese. I guess it’s to be expected but I’ve never noticed the smell of cow’s milk.

I ended up with 750g of khoya.

So I decided to make syrup of 750g of caster sugar and 100ml of water. This is when things started to go awry. The recipe says cook to 3 string consistency – I have no idea what that is so just kept going. Suddenly after ages of cooking the sugar water went dark and very thick. I turned off the heat and quickly poured the syrup in the khoya – burning my finger in the process. Wow, the whole mixture started to bubble up alarmingly but at the same time the sugar started to solidify. I stirred the mixture and then put it into a small ghee greased dish, topped with crushed pistachios and a bit of cardamon and prayed to the kitchen gods for it to solidify into barfi. Today, it’s still gooey. Very sweet and edible but definitely not barfi. Hubby states it has the consistency of caramel fudge. It’s edible, and very sweet so will be eaten with a strong coffee. I have named it, rather unimaginatively, as buffalo milk pudding and will claim for ever more that that’s exactly how it’s meant to be.


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