Norwegian Biscuits

Sometime ago, I bought some Golden Syrup and then promptly forgot why. It’s been sitting in the back of the cupboard until today when I decided to search the Lyle’s site for inspiration. I’ve never made biscuits successfully and now I’ve discovered that there is a magic process at the end where the soft, almost crumbling biscuit comes out of the oven and after metamorphosis, becomes a solid biscuit like object. I just sigh to think of all those things I’ve thrown away in horror/disgust as they came out oven all gooey and soft and not solid at all.

That site is great. I chose to make Norwegian Biscuits. As there is no picture, I’m not sure what they are meant to look like. Probably a blessing considering what I produced.

A few amendments:

Instead of Stork margarine, I used butter. Bad for my high cholesterol but oh so deliciously good for my tongue.

I wasn’t sure what rolled oats were so I just stuck in the equivalent amount of Ready Brek porridge

The resulting mixture was very crumbly. I didn’t think that’s what biscuit mix was meant to be. Also, they did not spread out on the tray when I cooked them in the oven. I was convinced they would be utterly disgusting. But after cooling, the verdict….DELICIOUS!!¬† They were still very crumbly but quite nice with a hot cuppa. Yum yum.

P.S. Without the raisins/currants etc this mix would make a great topping for crumble. Just don’t cook as long, when the biscuits are cool, crumble them up and put on top stewed fruit and cook the crumble. Or hot, crumbled on top icecream.


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