Jam Tarts

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts based on a recipe from the Icons. a portrait of England site.

She got somewhat annoyed the butter in the mix didn’t make the breadcrumb consistency the recipe calls for and that the dough ended up very sticky even though she only used one tablespoon of water. She then ended up annoyed with the dough sticking to the surface while rolling out and the little Queen’s helper who kept eating all the jam or spending ages filling one tart tray. So much for a good way to relax. In frustration, she dumped the tarts in the oven, logged onto her computer and fell rapidly down, down, down into the rabbithole that is the Internet.

The tarts were forgotten for just a while, enough time for them to burn slightly but they tasted very nice nonetheless. I used up my Hartley’s best Strawberry jam which in my opinion is not the best for the toast in the morning.

The bods that be on that site decided that Alice in Wonderland is very English. I jolly well agree what!


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