Wrap cardigan

I have spent most of the last 2 weeks of evenings knitting this jumper which is by far the most complicated thing I have ever done. I also had to get used to knitting again after months of crochet. My hand and arm muscles were in pain I can tell you.

The yarn of choice was Sirdar’s Double Knitting in a lovely deep red shade and I have to say after months of working with bamboo tape, I found this acrylic very unnatural feeling. The positive side is that it is both washable and tumble dry-able (unlike the bamboo tape which is the former but not the latter).

The pattern is from Sirdar’s Little Sweet Peas booklet, design H

I love the colour. And I am pretty chuffed with the final product but I didn’t follow all the instructions. I abandoned the fiddley edging and decided to crochet a simple shell edge instead which looks very pretty.

The tot doesn’t like it predominately because it’s not pink. However, after I threatened to send it to her cousin, she became very possessive. Maybe one of these days she’ll even wear it and be a pretty little ballerina.


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