Purple mash

Not cooking at all but a review of the Purple Majesty – the new potato with lots of anthocyanins in. It’s grown in Scotland dontchaknow. We got some of these potatoes with our weekly shop this week. Last night we made sausage and mash. Two pans of mash – one with King Edwards and one with Purple Majesty.

Now idiot me forgot to take a photo. I love the novelty of the purple spud. Peeling it was just bizarre and hubby thought I was strange for sniffing them. Well as mash, the purple potatoes taste like POTATOES MASH. Yep no difference but the lilac coloured mash looked great on the plate and my tot gobbled it all up.

Can’t wait to make oven chips or aubergine and potato shak with the rest of them .. as you can tell I am very easily pleased.


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