Lemon drizzle cake

I’ve posted before about a Ramsay – Gordon who I find to be quite odious. However, while on the hunt for a lemon-y cake, I came across the Tana Ramsay Lemon Drizzle Cake which is simple and delicious and VEGETARIAN (hahahahaha seeing as her hubby is so anti-vegie). Perhaps she got the recipe by watching his sour face and wanting to push it into cake. Right that’s enough meanness. As my tot would say “I’m ONLY joking”.

Back to the recipe. I couldn’t quite follow the recipe as I only had three eggs (but they were large so maybe ok) and one lemon. Tot didn’t want to have a loaf like cake so I gave her some of the mixture to make fairy cakes and in the end my one lemon was sufficient in sourness for the remainder.  Once the fairy cakes were done (i.e. covered in icing and various sprinkles surrounding a solitary chocolate button) tot left me alone to drizzle away. Yesterday evening hubby and I ate half the thing…if we hadn’t had a big dinner I am quite sure that we would have eaten it all – light and lemony. Yum. Today it was a bit denser but very much edible. I thoroughly recommend this recipe.


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