Puff pastry twists with rhubarb cream and sauce

Every now and again, as if by magic but more often by accident, I happen to create something that turns out to be utterly delicious. I had a bunch of rhubarb so thought I’d have a go at this Rhubarb tart which seemed fairly simple. As there are only 2 adults here and one little tot, I only made two tarts. The rest of the pastry was used to make puff pastry twists for the tot. Now, the tart is sitting in the oven and doesn’t look too promising though I’ll taste it in a bit to see. HOWEVER, the cream mix and rhubarb sauce (ever so amended and improved by me) turned out to be AMAZING, and tasted very good with the twists.


For puff pastry twists:

For the rhubarb sauce:

  • 200 g fresh rhubarb washed, trimmed of horrid end bits, then cut into 2 cm pieces
  • Juice of 1 large orange (fairtrade of course!)
  • 2 tbs caster sugar

For rhubarb cream:

  • 150ml double cream
  • 2 tbs caster sugar
  • Zest of 1 large orange


The twists:

  • Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees, 180 degrees for fan, gas mark 7
  • It’s best to use puff pastry in a cold kitchen as it can quickly become unmanageable.
  • Cut the pack into 6 parts to make it easier to roll out.
  • Roll each portion out on a lightly floured surface until it is around 3 mm thick. Then cut these into thin strips
  • Doing one strip at a time, pick up by both ends and lightly twist it. Place on the baking tray twisted.
  • Once all the strips are done, I put them into the fridge for about 15 mins to make them keep their shape (not sure if this was necessary but it felt the thing to do)
  • Remove from fridge, and light brush each strip with the egg wash.
  • Cook in the centre of the oven until puffed up and golden brown (make sure the centres are cooked. Some of mine stayed raw as I was a bit too keen to eat them)
  • Remove and allow to cool
  • Once cool lightly sift over the icing sugar then the cinnamon powder.

Rhubarb sauce:

  • While pastry is cooking, start on the sauce. Put the pieces of rhubarb, caster sugar and orange juice into a sauce pan and simmer until the fruit is soft. At this stage mash the fruit so that it’s all blended
  • Let it reduce down a little to intensify the flavour, stirring frequently to prevent sticking
  • Cook until it’s the consistency of jam
  • Set aside to cook

Rhubarb cream:

  • In a cold bowl, pour in the cream and sugar
  • Whisk until it is thick and stands on peaks
  • Now take 1 tbs of the rhubarb sauce and fold it into the cream to get a ripple effect

To serve

Serve the straws with a dollop of the cream and rhubarb sauce. Delicious!