RED NOSE DAY ’11 – Lemon butter biscuits

Blimey it feels like I have been away for ages. It’s been a busy old time. Some friends got married (gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding) so I was faffing about finding outfits and knitting accessories (for me not the bride!).

I’m now busy working towards Red Nose Day ’11. Normally, I just watch it on TV however, this year, thanks to my SAHM-iness I’m doing something funny for money. I persuaded a friend to host a bake sale at her house. Poor her, she’s ended up doing most of the work, including the flier, the organising, the thinking about kids activities. I’ve gone along for the ride. I had planned to bake loads and got the RND Jamie’s Monster Bake Sale book. Funnily, I’m not going to need to do much as there are so many kind people donating baked goods. Yippeee I say especially as the book is not really full of recipes I like. I’ve picked some to try out and the first one was the relatively simple lemon butter biscuits. When will I learn to read a recipe before starting????  There was tot, hands cleaned, standing on a chair with her spoonie in her hand full of anticipation. She was allowed to crack egg, measure out flour, mix the butter and sugar and then STOP. Chill for 2 hours. Grrrrrrrrr not what a 3-year-old (or 40+ year old for that matter) understands. Plus my biscuit mix was not mixing. So she sulked off to the front room while I “fixed” things. Basically adding at least another 50g of flour to get ball rolling so to speak. Then in the fridge and forgotten until late this afternoon. The dough was firm and whooooppppeeeee what fun we had making different shapes with the dough. She’s already scoffed quite a few. Luckily, her boredom threshold is low and she toddled off leaving me half the dough and all my new the cookie cutters to go wild with. Fun, fun, fun and they were very tasty indeed.


2 thoughts on “RED NOSE DAY ’11 – Lemon butter biscuits

  1. I too have just made these and I never thought I would stop adding extra flour!! I’d like to see Jamie make them with the 200g of flour as instructed

    • Did the resulting biscuits turn out a bit doughy? We liked them but I think next time, I’ll put in the juice a little at a time until the dough is formed and stick to the 200g of flour.
      Have you tried the fudge recipe? It was waaaaay too sweet for a lot of bods, including me. However, the brownies are absolutely gorgeous made with Divine dark chocolate and pecans instead of walnuts.

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