RND’11 Butter fudge and Coconut ice

Well I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with myself. I’ve also got aching muscles in my right arm from stirring, stirring and stirring the fudge made using Jamie Oliver’s Monster Bake Butter Fudge. Now, here is me thinking fudge should be hard but nooooooooooo hubby assures me it should not harden. Phew as the stuff was squidy. One thing I would say is if you are going to make the stuff, then line the tray with greaseproof paper or clingfilm as I just couldn’t get it out of the tin easily and ended up with rather odd-looking shapes. However, a bit of origami and a bit of ribbon can disguise anything. We are not a household much bothered about shapes all we care about is taste and this stuff is DELICIOUS. Together with the Hope and Greenwood recipe coconut ice the fudge makes a wonderful addition to our bake sale.

Other things on offer will be L’s victoria sponge and her Jamie Oliver chocolate fudge cake, E’s chocolate and blueberry cookies plus her yummy lemon butter biscuits, and for the kiddies to get their hands on some lovely strawberry smelling homemade playdough from J.


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