Paper folding

This is amazingly my first post under the “Paper” category which is funny as I’m paper obsessed, or rather stationery obsessed. I can spend hours online looking at different craft products and am in heaven in craft shops touching and looking at different types of paper. I’m not sure if it is a “girl” thing but quite a few girlies I know like their paper – an obsession that’s partly fed by our local Phoenix traders, and the nearness of Hobbycraft.

Anyhooo I digress. The recent spate of baking left me with a dilemma – how to take these to the sales without using my precious tupperware collection. The answer was simple – origami boxes. I have a stack of origami paper and card and et voila – boxes. Now this leads onto more paper-folding – and my 3-year-old and I have been making the simplest animal shapes. Easy to do and ever so cute once we stuck on googly eyes and hand drawn faces have been added. Not the most sophisticated shapes, but as anyone with a young child knows, you can’t do complicated within the 2 minutes attention span the child devotes to a task you may have spent hours preparing for!


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