Spring sale baking

My 3-year-old’s nursery is having a spring sale tomorrow and have asked for donations of biscuits and cakes. Great opportunity for me to try my hand at a few biscuit recipes.Not so good for the waistline as I think it’s important to sample a few before donating to the sale.

I chose 3 –  two of which were egg free as I wanted to give the egg-intolerant a treat too:

Rachel Allen’s lemon scented biscuits

Good Food channels chocolate crinkle biscuits

Allisons Oat and Raisin cookies (from the back of the plain flour packet but also available on their bakingmad site)


And the verdict:

Lemon biscuits

The lemon biscuit dough was rather crumbly. I prepared the dough last night. It wasn’t too lemon scented due to a failure to use the appropriate equipment (used the odd holes on my box grater rather than the sensible grater. And I used soft brown sugar instead of caster – you would think with so few ingredients I’d get it right. But nooooooooo.  Result is kitchen smelt very lemon like but there was little zest in the mix). I stuck it in the fridge. This morning it was brick hard so I left it out for an hour to soften. When I finally worked with it, it was really difficult to roll out as it kept breaking. Baking the biscuits was quick and short though. However, they had such little flavour that I decided to ice them. What a DISASTER. My icing had the consistency of polyfilla, didn’t taste at all lemon like despite having the juice of a whole lemon, and was so sugary it caused a diabetic shock. Even covering them in sprinkles couldn’t save them. So they are BINNED and my quest for the perfect lemon biscuit continues ….though my friend E makes gorgeous ones so my quest may just be a quick walk to her kitchen instead.

Chocolate crinkle biscuits

Ridiculously easy to make even without an electric whisk (no jokes about wrist power please). I was worried as the mix was very gooey but again, after a night in the fridge it solidified somewhat. I had great fun with two teaspoons creating little balls of mix and rolling it around in icing sugar. Watching them crack in the oven was bliss and taking them out when their centres were still a bit gooey felt naughty but nice. Most importantly the taste – well I score them 8/10 because [foolishly] I had decided to use half plain chocolate, half dark making them taste a tad too sweet. Next time, I’ll do all dark. I’ve squirreled some away for us, and the rest will go to the sale.

Allisons biscuits

I decided to do these as I’ve seen the recipe on the back of the packet for some time and it looked interesting. Again, another easy make but strange mix. When I put all the ingredients in, it felt crumbly and greasy making me fear I was in trouble again. But once baked, yum, yum, yum. I love them. 3 year old not so impressed. But if she doesn’t eat the ones I’m saving for us, hubby and I will. Score 9/10.

BTW that baking mad site has lovely recipes on it (including lemon biscuits!!). I’m going to try Ginger and Chili cookies next I think


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