Banana cupcakes with lemon frosting

My daughter’s nursery were giving away spare bananas today. My goto recipe for overripe bananas is Fairtrade banana bread but today I felt like something a bit more glam (and fattening!) and so made some Banana Cupcakes with Lemon Frosting recipe – the recipe calls for using a cake tin but as I’ve promised some cakes to another mum, I decided cupcakes were the better option – an added bonus is that they also cook slightly quicker. Note, this recipe is not that different from the Tesco’s banana cupcakes I have blogged about before – the only real difference is the lemon which work well as there is just enough of it to cut through the sweetness of the bananas without being overpowering. I also know that if I had left the bananas until they were really ripe and black and squishy, I would have gotten a stronger banana flavour but the call of cake was too strong to resist. If you do decide to give the recipe a go, ensure you mash the bananas first as you don’t want the sugar/butter/egg mix lying around too long as the egg starts to cook the other raw ingredients.

P.S. Sorry for the dark picture…I forgot the flash.


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