Pickled chilies

Don’t these look lovely. So shiny and big. Each chili is about 4 inches long. Dad brought a large bag of them from London last week as I haven’t been able to find any decided bullet chilies up here. Unfortunately, they have been sat in the fridge waiting for transformation. Last night, one went into our spicy pasta. Today, I’m going to attempt to work with the rest. I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep them – a couple have gone into the freezer. And I decided to pickle these 4 using a very simple Pickled Green Chilies recipe.

I used Mizkans rice vinegar from the local Asda which is just over 1 cup full. Plus, I used brown sugar. It was all very easy to do – apart from the bottle sterilising…the first bottle was too small. In future, I’ll put the mixture into a glass pyrex jug as it was a bummer to pour out the mixture into the bottle.

So far the chilies haven’t lost their green colour but lets see what they look like tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to trying these out on a margarita pizza!

UPDATE 16/9/11

Well these were a huge disappointment – the vinegar was so strong that it overwhelmed the flavour of the chilies. I was expecting something along the lines of pickled silverskin onions. So the hunt is on for a better pickling medium.

3 thoughts on “Pickled chilies

  1. hi there

    This really does look good I have never thought of pickeling them before! I have three plants in the greenhouse all laden. I have always frozen them in the past very successfully just take them out and chop them up whilst still frozen and add to dish. but I must say the pickled ones look very good and would look super in the kitchen or make a very acceptable gift.

    keep up with your recipeis you have lots of great ideas


    • Thank you. Me neither….this was my first pickling.
      I’m very jealous of your greenhouse and chili plants. Have you tried the green chutney that I posted. That’s delicious if I do say so myself.

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