Home-made gulab jamun – the cheat’s way

Yesterday was Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. For all Hindus and Sikhs too, Diwali goes hand in hand with gorgeous festival food both savoury and sweet.

I had a full meal planned and wanted to make a home-made sweet. In India a lot of sweets are made with khoya which is dried buffalo milk. I tried to get some from Laverstock farm but alas they only sell it in wholesale quantities at the mo and there is NO way we would eat that many sweets. So the next best thing….CHEAT using the Gits Gulab Jamun 200g mix which I bought from Tesco!!!

Was really keen to get started so didn’t read the instructions properly. I didn’t find the video until just now. Despite putting in milk in carefully, I ended up with a horrible wet mess. Luckily I’d bought some milk powder so stuck that in. Then my little daughter wanted to help form the balls but damn, they were so crumbly and the poor girl was put off. I added a bit of water and Ta DAH it all came together in a lovely dough. I formed balls but didn’t get the 40 stated in the pack because  I like my balls big (oooeeerrr missus). I fried them to a golden colour but next time, I’m going to let them go darker. The next crisis was when I read how much sugar was needed for the syrup. But hey ho, made the syrup and soaked the balls. Some of the balls fell apart, but the ones that didn’t taste absolutely delicious served warm (syrup was still very warm an hour after making it) with Mackie’s Vanilla ice-cream.  A wonderful Indian Scottish combination methinks.


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