Spicy chickpeas with savoy cabbage

This is not a new recipe. It’s the same recipe as the Kala Chana  with a few substitutions. I used 560g of the more familiar white chickpeas instead of black, used a white onion, 3 diced Maris Piper potatoes and also added 9 savoy cabbage leaves shredded very finely. I added the cabbage at the same time as the chickpeas and potatoes but in future, I’ll add it nearer the end of cooking so it retains some crunch. I removed the main vein in each leaf too as that can be chewy.

Truthfully, the cabbage didn’t add tremendously to the flavour. I did it as I’m trying to eat more brassicas for health reasons. So if you don’t have any, or don’t fancy it, thinks it’s a dumb idea then just omit it.

Today I served the shak with brown basmati rice. I love white basmati rice so much and think it has a lot more flavour. But again, for the old health, I tried brown. And you know what, though this dish looked too much like something a sock wearing sandaled hippie vegie would eat, it tasted pretty good.


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