Gingerbread men

Christmas is a brilliant time for the craft obsessed. You can come out of the woodwork and be celebrated for being wonderfully creative compared to the rest of the year when the non-crafty view you as somewhat of a geek (ooooh I sound bitter but it’s O.K. I have a lovely handcrocheted pillow to cry into so never fear).

We had a go at salt dough decorations last week. It’s very easy and if you don’t have glitter or paints, you can just use food colouring in your dough. There is a good guide on Kirstie’s Channel 4 page.

They were good practice for the gingerbread men we made yesterday. I used a  Netmums recipe and added an extra 1tsp for cinnamon for extra umph.  As the dough uses butter, I put it into the fridge for half an hour to firm up before getting the little one to help roll it out and cut out Xmas shapes. A quick bake in the oven (alas a bit too long for some who were rather dark) and then a cool down later we all mucked in decorating them. Mr Plummy also joined in and seemed to get as much, if not more, fun out of it than our kid. She was busying putting sprinkles on the tree followed by sprinkles in her mouth. To make it easier, I added a thin layer of icing before sprinkles and chocolate buttons were added. We also tried to use Dr Oetker’s Designer icing sugar but they were a little hard to control. The best sprinkles were the Asda ones which are in glittery cream, green and pinky-red. Lots of fun then all gobbled up!