Shopping for Indian groceries in Scotland

I’m slowly tracking down the places to buy Indian vegetables in Scotland – to anyone living in North London this will seem like a strange list to hold but believe me, there is a genuine lack up here. Luckily, in the big towns some of the huge supermarkets sell some Indian ingredients and vegetables.


Halal Continental Food Store (138 Grahams Road, FK2 7BZ). Only went here once. The customer before me bought all the okra so I had little choice left. Went away with some dudhi and some fenugreek leaves/methi. The methi was kept in the cold store so it wouldn’t wilt. However, there was also meat in there and blood had dripped on the methi so I dumped the lot when I got home. Very little else in terms of dried pulses or spices currently available.


Paradise Fruits – 346 Strathmore Avenue Dundee. I try to get to this store whenever we visit Dundee as they occasionally sell some of the green beans I like. For around £15 this weekend, I picked up some okra (yum for dinner, half has been frozen), a dudhi, some fresh coriander, 3 packs of dried lentils, a tin of patra (a guja snack with is colocosia leaves stuffed with gram flour mix and steamed), some spices and a rather dried up pack of fresh curry leaves.

Mini Fruit Market – 122 Albert Street, Dundee, Angus DD4 6QN. This is such an odd store. I have no idea how they stay in business. They sometimes have some Indian vegetable but when I first moved to Dundee the owner told me he hardly stocks it now as it doesn’t sell. I told him I’d buy loads if it was fresh but that didn’t convince him. I still manage to get the odd thing in here and this weekend walked away with a kerala, an aubergine, some rose essence, a block of ghor (jaggery which is an essential sweet ingredient) and some mustard oil.

Matthews Chinese Supermarket – this has some dried ingredients that are common to Thai and Indian cooking. Oh and frozen pastry for making either spring rolls or samosas.


I need to get to out to Leith to try some shops there. We have been along Nicholson street and picked up a few items from stores there.


7 thoughts on “Shopping for Indian groceries in Scotland

    • Hi Sorry I don’t know Inverness at all. I did a quick Google search and a couple of stores came up that you could try. Also chinese supermarkets. A search threw up Saffron Oriental Food Store who say they have indian spices. Give them a call. I also had luck locally with Morrissons selling some Indian veg, so if you have one of those near you, perhaps they might too.
      Alternatively, you could also try asking Wendy from the “A Wee bit of cooking” blog as she’s lived in Inverness.

      Good luck!

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  3. Don’t forget Glasgow – by Glasgow University there is a good shop called KRK Continental. I go there all the time, but if you don’t facy that one, there is another round the corner from it and one the same street. There is also the southside of Glasgow, but I don’t shop there much.

    • Indeed I shall not forget old Glasgae – Must do a shop visit there soon without the OH and tot as they both get a bit bored as I walk up and down spice isles. I was told of a shop called Strawberry and Spice Gardens that I want to check out. Will make a visit to KRK too. You will have to post about shops in Wales when you get there.

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