A finished neck warmer

I haven’t done a Chains post in a while. It’s not for lack of knitting/crochet as my hands have been busy. Sometimes to the point of pain. But I haven’t finished any objects in a while … I run out of yarn and have to order more, I frog a piece because it’s just not right then frog again and again. Or I just put it down as I cannot be bothered to finish it. But once in a while, I sneak in a quick one night job. And this Saturday, I did a one night job for myself. A new neckwarmer to match the walking jacket hubby gave me for Christmas. It’s not a scarf as I only had one ball of purple. I was going to make it all different colours but decided plain purple was best. The stitch is diagonal box stitch which is explained very well on the Crochet Cabana site

I’m pretty damn chuffed especially as the ball of yarn only cost me £1




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