Sausage, haggis and bean pie


Now calm down, don’t get excited. There is no meat in this recipe whatsoever. Occasionally I eat veggie sausages. I don’t know why as I can never get them to taste as nice as the ones in pubs. I sometimes suspect the ones in the pubs aren’t veggie at all 😦

I usually boil the sausages in gravy then eat them with a huge mound of mash. And there it is… the real reason for the meal….an excuse to have a huge plateful of buttery, creamy, yummy, cheese-y mash.

Today that all changed. I am now converted to veggie sausages and the reason is the Cauldron sausage and bean pie recipe. I only had a tiny tin of beans 120g, so made up the bulk with half a Halls veggie haggis frozen on  Burns night and a quarter can of chopped tomatoes.  I used a packet of Cauldron Lincolnshire sausages.

My goodness the result was delicious. Even meat eating Mr Plummy Mummy enjoyed it enough to have two helpings. I was grinning with full belly smug satisfaction which was only slightly marred when he said it would taste really good with meat sausages and meat haggis. Silently, in my mind and under my breath I blow giant  raspberries at his love of meat – I’ll stick to this pie from now on!


3 thoughts on “Sausage, haggis and bean pie

  1. This sounds good, I have always found when I put the veggi food out the carnivors get there first and the veggi peeps are left standing with nothing to eat!!, I know now to hold back platefulls of veggi till the ‘laid back’ vegitarians come to the buffett. Yesterday was my Vegitrian daughter’s Birthday party, I made her a flaky pastry base spread with pesto rosso topped with roasted tomato and garlic and sprinkled with stilton, I have just helped myself to a bit of left overs cold from the fridge mmmmmm delisious! 😉


    • Oooh that sounds tasty. Which Stilton did you use (please don’t say blue veined as I cannot eat such strong cheese!)

      • Yes I did use blue, I should have used Blue Vinny a trad cheese from Dorset but couldn’t get it but you could use white stilton would be very nice. Susan x

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