Red red head scarf

Word up! Do you remember Larry Blockmon, the lead singer of group Cameo? No? How about the guy in the late 80s  who sported a rather in-your-face  shiny red codpiece. Ah yes. Here he is…

Ok. So here is the headscarf I made which in a certain light reminds me of that codpiece.

It’s curling as I haven’t blocked it yet. Recently I had my very long hair cut off into a flicky  hair cut with a fringe. I have no idea what possessed me as I’m not a fringe girl (unless we are talking great sci-fi show Fringe that is). I’ve been making a few hats of late but they didn’t look right so opted to make this.

Yarn: Anchor style creativa – red. Small amount of Flirt dk purple

Hooks: 6mm and 4mm

UK terminology

I began with the 6mm hook to make a simple triangle of double crochet stitches created by adding a two dcs into the last chain of each row. Once I was happy with the length (which took about 4 tries over a few days to figure out), I added a single border of dcs along the other edges of the triangle so that I could flip it around to have columns rather than rows going down my head.

Then I started on the band, switching to the 4mm hook. There is a chain of 40 added to each corner. For two rows, I dc’d into each of these then did crossed trebles along the triangle. I finished with a border in purple along all the edges.

I like it a lot though the bands are a bit thick. But it does the job of keeping the fringe off my head which is the key thing. And it’s bright red and purple…my two fave colours.


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