Amma Spice Edinburgh


I’m as happy as a happy Guju girl can be because AT LONG LAST, I have found a place in Scotland that sells the veg I like. I’m hoping that unlike the local Morrison, that this find will continue to do fresh veg (shame on you Morrisons for leaving out rotting food…fresh market my ****).

We were in Gorgie road in Edinburgh to visit the city farm and noticed a couple of Asian supermarkets on the road. The first two were absolutely disappointing (one didn’t even have any groceries despite it being on their hoarding!). I nearly gave up and was a bit put off by guys hanging around, but I’m so glad that I went into the tiny shop Amma Spice because it’s full of heavenly delights.

I came away with my favourites guvar and valor as well as tindora, methi, raw mangoes, frozen theplas and parathas, ras malai that was so delicous and a box of barfi for the hubby. The bill came to £16. I would have spent a whole load more but would prefer to go back and get more when needed. Luckily they accept debit cards as I had limited cash on my person have just been to the farm cafe.

The guy running the place was friendly and helpfully pointed out veg I hadn’t noticed. He was from dahn sarf so we had a chinwag about some of the areas we both knew.

I will post about how to prepare with methi which is called fenugreek in English in the next day or so.

The shop is South Indian and sells Sri Lankan food too. I’m looking forward to getting to know about more ingredients and sharing the recipes here.

A tip – if you are going on Sat or Sun you can park at the council offices down the road for free for 2 hours.


Amma Spice

267 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11

Tel: 0131 629 6847


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