Bread and butter

Well the summer hols are finally over. And I have packed kiddo off to primary which gives me more time for cooking. This week I joined an Introduction to Breadmaking course. The first lesson was fun – the teacher was informative and the mix of people in the class was a good so we were getting lots of different information.

Unfortunately, we did so much chatting that we got to the baking part late. This meant I went home with a bag of wet dough to put into my fridge to prove (bread fermentation/rising). We did however, make some gorgeous fruit scones – hubby and I scoffed some when I got home.

Tuesday morning I opened the fridge to find the bread dough had risen rather well. Feeling chuffed I got it out, cut it up into 7 segments and squished out some balls. At this stage I was squishing out the air. Then the condensed (?) balls were put on a tray and left in the warm conservatory to prove/rise again.

After baking and then waiting half an hour, I greedily scoffed one. And you know what….it was SALTY! Argh after all that effort, I must have put in too much salt. Gutting. Hubby who loves salt happily ate one at dinner but I think I’m going to bin this batch and maybe try again. Or maybe I’ll just go down to the supermarket…it’s bleeding hard work making bread innit!


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