Diwali Gajjar Halwa – carrot fudge

Well I have been a bit lazy updating this blog with recipes. I’ve got some new ones scribbled down on paper that I’ve been trying out and will post those up.

Today was a rather hectic one as it’s Hindu Diwali – my absolute favourite day of the year. It’s the Festival of Lights but should be renamed the Festival of Food as in our household growing up Diwali always meant Mum being in the kitchen weeks beforehand making gorgeous savoury bites for any visitors that were going to pop in. On the actual day we would have a very yummy meal.

I love the day but my preparations have come to a halt as my daughter has been ill since last Friday with this horrid tummy bug/cold going around. Even today, I felt guilty going into the kitchen whilst leaving her alone to watch Diwali bits on cbeebies. Luckily, she got some lovely presents in the morning so was actually feeling rather chipper.

So rather than a load of Diwali delights, after bleaching the kitchen surfaces to get rid of any lingering germs, I managed to make some shak, rice, dhal and gajjar halwa. You will find many recipes for the latter on the web – including very easy ones done in the microwave. However, I like to make mine by hand and prefer it to be gooey fudge like rather than dry. Today, I was really lazy and just stuck it all in a pot and hoped for the best. I say lazy but this took me about an hour to make….was rather relaxing after the stresses of caring for a  poorly child.


  • 2 tbs ghee
  • 300g grated carrots
  • 300ml full fat milk
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
  • A few strands of saffron
  • Slivers of almonds to garnish


  • Melt the ghee over a medium heat in a heavy based pan (I used my wonderful bright orange Crueset casserole pot which I love for making sweets)
  • Add in carrots and cook until both ghee and carrots are well combined and slightly softening
  • Add in milk and sugar. Turn heat down a tad and cook the mixture until the milk has evaporated. When it’s about half way there, test to see if the amount of sugar is fine for your taste – if not add more. If you have too much, there is not much you can do I’m afraid but after all, it’s a sweet.
  • It takes ages but do remember to stir frequently, especially near the end when it’s really thcik and  liable to start sticking to the pan
  • When the mixture has really thickened (the quantity has reduced to about a quarter) add the saffron and cardamom
  • Keep stirring and cooking over a very low heat until you are happy with the thickness
  • Pour into a ghee greased dish and garnish with slivers of almonds. You can stick it in the fridge if you like.
  • Serve either warmed up with ice-cream or cold with double cream.  We had ours with double cream…yes very fattening but it’s Diwali and I can start my diet after Christmas!

Happy Diwali and a wonderful New Year for all my Hindu friends and readers. Happy Bandi Chhor Divas for all my Sikh friends and readers. xxxx