Romanian apple cake (review)

Romania apple cake

A quick post today about Romanian apple cake…not a cake made from Romanian apples it turns out but delicious cake from Romania. Using 3 cooking apples makes a huge batch so I sent most of it off with my husband to share with his work colleagues. We were still left with loads and luckily even 5 days later the cake is nice and moist. Changes I made:

  • I shredded the apples as my kiddo would not like big apple chunks – shouldn’t have bothered as she refused to try it. Her loss though as it was delicious.
  • I used light muscavado sugar which is why my version is dark and only had 250g which made it sweet enough.
  • I didn’t put in any walnuts




5 thoughts on “Romanian apple cake (review)

  1. I made this as per the recipe and it was great , then I added my own twist of dates and a dash of calvados on the top loved by my Easter guests. Making again tomorrow for family. Husband very pleased to have leftovers constantly in the fridge, Would be nice with pears and ginger too Thanks so much for recommending this desert


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