Handmade raksha bandhan cards

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I am a Hindu like some people are Christians – only celebrating the fun festivals like Christmas and Easter. I blame my parents for not educating me properly!!

Today is one of the Hindu festivals that I love – Raksha Bandhan ; a day when brothers and sisters come together to show how much they love each other. The sister ties a rakhi onto her brother’s wrists and give him some sweets. The brother promise to look after his sister for the following year and give her a small gift.  Girls can also tie them onto cousins, especially if they don’t have brothers. And in some parts of the world, friends tie them onto male friends.

We never really do it properly in our house. In devout houses, the rakhis are blessed on the household temple, the sister will put mark her brother’s forehead and give him some delicious indian sweets to eat. Whilst I have always made sure I have the rakhis, I usually don’t get my brothers any sweets and so feel a little guilty when they give me their small presents. But as we now live so far apart, I try to make an effort with the rakhis. Last year I hand made them using a japanese kumihimo disk and beautiful mercerised cotton embroidery thread that I spent ages looking for – 1 brother was appreciative, 1 was dismissive and the other didn’t even mention receiving the rakhi (I was gutted after all the effort I put in). I also sent one to a very dear friend who means a lot to me – who was supersweet about it. This year, I used shop bought ones – there seems to only be one place in Edinburgh where I can get them.  I hand made the cards. I’m very pleased with how they turned out and I hope my brothers and nephews (my little on sends them to her cousin brothers) love them. Dismissive brother sent me a thank you text this morning…so I must be on the right track. I hope my travel mad brother likes his…it’s my fave – then again, he’s the one who does not acknowledge so I may never know!

P.S. Can’t figure out how to get the images the right way up!


2 thoughts on “Handmade raksha bandhan cards

  1. Very lovely cards what a lovely celebration I have two brothers and though I talk to them regularly never really show my appreciation of them, I think we should all adopt this celebration


    • thanks Susan,
      I think that the western adoption is in the form of Friendship Bracelets 🙂
      But yeah, reminds to be nice to my brothers at least once a year 🙂

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