Meeting my heroes

I was given The Spice Men for Christmas which is an interesting read.  Though most recipes aren’t suitable for a veggie, I’m fascinated by the combinations that are presented in the book. And I absolutely adore Cyrus Todiwala and Tony Singh.

So imagine my schoolgirl giggle as I came across Mr Singh today in St Andrew’s Square at the Christmas market. He has a stall there and after doing one passby, I was persuaded by Mr Plummy Mummy to go and say hello. A bad encounter in the past puts me off. As a student I worked in Next opposite the Comedy Store in London’s Trafalgar Square – Josie Lawrence came in to try on shoes and I told her that I really liked her comedy to which she rudely told me that she came in to try shoes and didn’t want to be bothered. Uh…OKAAAAY. I wasn’t after anything. I thought I was just complimenting her. 

Anyhoooooo, Mr Singh was super nice and when hubby told him I’d got his book for Xmas, he even said he would autograph it. Sadly I didn’t have it with me. But he was very nice and said he could do it tomorrow if I came back. Alas no plans to go back. But he was so so nice, I’m almost tempted. I really did put a spring in my step! 



2 thoughts on “Meeting my heroes

  1. Hi I have met loads of stars when I worked in Fenwick (Bond St) and they are so un predictable you were polite and she was rude!!! It is great that Mr Sing was such a great experience


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