A proper squeely week

Earlier this week, we got the planning approved for changes we are going to make at home. The layout is totally pants at the moment as the only way to access the back rooms, including the kitchen is to walk through the lounge. The best bit is that I will have a brand new kitchen after we move some walls about.

So now the real work starts – picking out units and floors etc. I am definitely NOT a gloss kind of woman so the units will have a matt finish. I’m also the most indecisive bod ever as there are so many design looks that I love. At the moment, I’m loving this look (apart from the light fixture, there is no way I’d have a dust collecting item above the table!)



I have to get this kitchen ready like TODAY as I got the most amazing leaving present from the lovely guys in the Edinburgh office I have worked in for the last year. An one to one session with a favourite chef in my own home! There is no way I’m letting wee cute cheffy into the current kitchen. He’s got to be there for the new one. So hubby, get the cheque book out cos we are going shopping. squeeeeeeeel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!