IWD : Big up the girls!

I always get a bit excited when watching Saturday Kitchen. James Martin is just gorgeous.

Half way through the show,  I tend to start doing other stuff as it’s predominately a meat fest that doesn’t do much for me as a veggie. But I like to know what different things the chefy types are coming up with these days. I will always perk up when they show clips from Keith Floyd who was enormously entertaining.

We aren’t hear to talk about the men though cos today is International Women’s Day so I want to big up the women. I love an infographic and this page is a great one for dissecting the Michelin Guide. Bit shocking to see that only 8 out of 169 head chefs in the UK are female. I bet that ratio is even lower in other parts of the world. In the UK I was only aware of Angela Hartnett (as she’s on Great British Menu quite a bit).

Growing up I used to love watching Delia, Madhur and early days Nigella (she became very odd as she got more and more famous!). And now I enjoy watching Ching He-Huang as she’s always so passionate about what she’s cooking. And I live in awe of Monica Galetti who is frankly just scary. The Michelin guide celebrates restaurants chefs. However, worldwide more women than men learn to cook and are absolutely brilliant at their art. And there are as many passionate women writing about food as men. So I hope that the male bloggers chefs that I follow will forgive me but here is a short list of International women who I would like to point you all to:

Mamta’s Kitchen: This site is a treasure trove of recipes. Defo one to bookmark.

The Spice is Right: I am not sure who writes the blog and am assuming it’s a female blogger. I dip into this veggie blog as it contains some Guju recipes.

Tarla Dalal: The goddess of Indian cookbooks. Her site is another treasure

Allotment to Kitchen: Shaheen has a wonderful vegetarian blog full of inventiveness. I learnt of her when she lived in Scotland and she was very helpful at pointing me to shops where I could get supplies. She’s now back in her native Wales. Always full of the most curious ingredients. And she even mentions Elvis once in a while so she’s alright in my book.

Gujarati Girl: Urvashi is Gujarati girl with daughters. I follower her blog the Botanical Baker and you may know her as she appeared in a series of the Great British bake off. I do hope that she doesn’t give up the Gujarati blog as I love to see the traditional recipes she posts up.

Bindiya Kanani: I’m absolutely gutted that I didn’t visit the Gujarati restaurant Bindi’s while it was open. The menu is Asian via East Africa (yep like me) and there were many things on there I was really wanting to try.  She teaches classes in Edinburgh if you are looking for some one to one Guju girl lessons.

Monisha Bharadwaj: I turn to her cookbook at lot as I like the easy recipes she has. Am amazed to learn that she’s in fact a professional Indian dancer as well as a cook / tutor. Monisha come here from India and her cookbook covers all regions of India.

Meera Sodha: I haven’t quite made up my mind about Meera as her food videos are a bit too Rachel Khoo for me (OK I admit it…I’m jealous of her as she’s got a residency at the Guardian ). She’s also got an East African connection as her Asian parents came here from Uganda.

Gujarat to Great Britain: a new blog that’s just started by another Gujarati via East Africa. I think she lives in Edinburgh and I’m looking forward to reading the traditional recipes she posts up.  She’s lucky her mum is still around for her to ask questions. I’m hoping that more people will want to try out Indian vegetarian cooking so the shops ar0und here will stock more of the supplies we need 🙂

Ellie Kreiger: a celebrity chef who is a registered dietitian. I enjoyed watching her cookery shows whilst I was studying for my certificate in community food and nutrition skills as she showed me that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring. The woman also happens to be gorgeous (hate her!) There are so so many more but I don’t want to bore you so I will finish off now with ….

Duke of Dehli: one of Defra’s 50 Food Stars who is not strictly just a woman but a brother and sister and the site refers to their Granny awwww. Mr Plummy Mummy if you are reading this – I want one of their choccie bars for Mother’s Day, our anniversary or just because (and don’t confuse them for Green and Black’s bars even though the packaging is suspiciously similar).


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