A bit Pott(er)y

OOOOhhhh weeeee this post is so very late but this is my blog so there you go.

Earlier this year Mr Plummy and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. As we spend a lot of time eating and watching TV, I was not at all interested in going out for dinner or to see a film. I wanted to do something. According to all those anniversary sites the 8th anniversary is traditionally bronze and pottery. As there isn’t a bronze works near here we went a for the pottery option at our local Potter Around and had a one-to-two session with the in-house potter. Let me tell you that this was less Ghost and more mudslinging, competitive throwing.

It was fabulous. Handling the clay was messy and really hard work trying to control as it seems to have a will of its own – one that just wanted to go whoooooosh all over us and the pottery walls.

The potter was a lovely lady who was very patient with us and showed us quickly how to throw the clay onto the wheels and to makes some simple shapes. As we had her to ourselves we were able to chat and found out that she is learning the craft. In the past she was a sheep farmer so was used to the rural setting of the barn (and ahem the handling of mindless bleating creatures luckily!).

IMG_2117IMG_2099 IMG_2101

Mr P looking very commanding


This flat plate was really hard to get off the wheel but eventually they both managed and later it would become our house number sign.

IMG_2115 IMG_2114 IMG_2113 IMG_2112 IMG_2111

Some advice on how to control the clay:


In the end I think we made about 10 shapes between us. These were left to be fired and then a few weeks later we went back to paint all the pieces. This started off OK but as we had kiddo with us, she got restless and so we had to rush a few pieces (yes, my tone shows I wasn’t happy). Again, once painted we left the pieces to be fired into glossy loveliness. It’s always interesting how the colours look after they have been fired and my absolute favourite is the starry bowl holding my Dr Strange. 8 stars of course for 8 years. I cannot wait for next year which is Willow.


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