Ready made dosas mix

This post is thanks to my young cousin M. At the start of the summer hols, we visited her in London where she served us a lovely lunch of dosas with a potato filling and dhal.

I’ve never made them before as they are more a South Indian specialty. The mix consists of lentils that are soaked, ground, mixed with yoghurt and left to ferment.

However, she used a ready made mix and it was super easy. I did have to giggle when she flattened out the mix on the tava using an old debit card. The wonderful thing is that these dosas are not spicy, and she made separate fillings that were spicy for the adults, and one less spicy for the kids. I was amazed when my daughter gobbled them up.

Back home in Scotland,  I managed to get two different mixes from Amma Spices. Though Shiyam had the make my cousin had used, he suggested the following make instead which is found in the chilled section.  These mixes cost 2.99 and all you need to do is add water. I also bought a dry mix which had a longer shelf life and was cheaper as it needs yoghurt to be added before use.


The great thing about the dosa mix is that I could just use what I needed and put the rest back in the fridge. I would love to try to make the idlis too but don’t currently  have an idli pan for the steamer.

To make the dosas, I added enough water to make it a wee bit runnier and then poured a cup onto a hot tava. If  your have a teflon coated one, no oil is needed. As the picture shows, I wasn’t that good at pouring out a perfect circle and we didn’t have any used debit cards to hand so I did my best to flatten the mix out using a spoon. The idea is that you leave the side to cook for a minute or so, put a bit of oil on the surface, then flip to cook the other side. I served then to hubby and the kiddo with a spiced potato filling, some homemade spicy coconut chutney and a thin toor dhal. It was very easy. And you could fill the dosas with any dry filling so I encourage you to have a go. And a huge thanks to my young cousin for introducing this to me.

IMG_2200 IMG_2201

P.S.Cocunut chutney: 1 cup dessicated unsweetened coconut, 4 fresh green chillies, a handful of fresh curry leaves, lime juice, salt and sugar. Whizz up in a little food processor and gobble up.

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