Mad hatter

After finishing my daughter’s pink and red blanket, I thought I’d have a go at making hats. It’s amazing how many patterns are out there and so many generous designers provide them for free as long as you give them credit, and don’t nick their patterns to pass off as your own and don’t sell the goods made from the patterns for profit. Hats off to all these lovely generous crafters.

All fine by me. I have a load of acrylic wool which I bought cheap. Some of the colours do not suit me. And I think for now we have enough blankets so hats for charity seemed a great idea. (p.s. ulterior motive is I want to buy new yarn in bright colours but should use my stash up first to make room under the bed).

Here’s what I’ve made so far:

Hello kitty hat – designed by Elizabeth Trantham

As I am not great at sewing on parts, I decided to embroider the face. Also ears are made using half circles rather than the pattern design.


Rib wrapped cap – designed by Heather Schott

This was my first go at post-stitch. The instructions are very clear and the designer has provided a few helpful photos.


Crochet Vision Hat – designed by Marty Miller 

Such a lovely thick hat.

Shell stitch beanie – designed by The Dainty Daisy

This is a gorgeous pattern for little girls. Will be making another one when I get hold of some cotton yarn.

Chunky Beanie Hat – designed by Elizabeth Trantham

My second pattern from this site. She’s a talented lady. This pattern was so quick and easy so I made two.



Kiss me bag – designed by Claire Ortega

It’s not all about hats though. I needed a handbag to take to a wedding reception so made one! I had to change the pattern a bit as the yarn I was using is very stretchy. I’m pleased with the outcome and once I’ve washed it, will line it in a bright colour.