Just beet it, BEET IT, BEET IT, you will never be defeated

Hahaha sorry everyone but I couldn’t resist. I’m going a bit beetroot mad. Since roasting the beetroot earlier this week, I see the Jan edition of the Asda magazine has a recipe for roasted beetroot, sweet potato and feta cheese salad which looks delicious and ever so healthy. I’ve also seen some recipes for tarka dhal with beetroot added which has me intrigued. There is also a spicy cooked salad that I normally make with chillies, carrots and cabbage which I want to try with some raw beetroot added – will let you know how that goes when I do.

However, this recipe is for CAKE, glorious cake it’s so yummy when the wind is blowing up a gale and snow is smacking you in the face. Yesterday, I made Fiona Cairn’s Chocolate and Beetroot cake recipe. I had to tweak mine as I didn’t have any cocoa powder so used a block of 83% dark chocolate bought from Lidl*. I melted it in the microwave and added it to the wet ingredients.

The end result was a cake that didn’t taste very chocolatey (should have used the Green and Blacks instead) but it was very light and easy to eat. The beetroot flavour is not in your face; it’s subtle and gave a nice edge – I’m sure today it will be stronger. My kiddo doesn’t really like chocolate cake so she just ate the pink icing off the top – this is a good cake for pink obsessed girls.

I think the cake could do with a layer of buttercream coloured with the beetroot juices to just make it right for us. But you may prefer to stick to the original recipe which just looks amazing.

Here are some pictures to tempt you. I boiled my beets in the pressure cooker which took all of 10 mins!

IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0325 IMG_0327


* a good substitution table for ingredients can be found here: Joy of Baking Ingredients Substition

Also on the Joy of Baking site, if you look under the chocolate recipes section, at the bottom is a very useful guide to all different types of chocolate ingredients.

And finally, get the Asda mag it has an useful article on the different types of fats