Colour me beetiful!

When it comes to juices I’m a run of the mill kinda gal – I like orange juice, apple juice is yum (esp when it has a large dash of vodka in), pineapple, coconut and lime (pina colada anyone?), guava/berry juice. But when it comes to vegetable juices my experiences are limited to a rather delicious combination of Carrot and Ginger. I’ve had the latter in many places and one of the best is Wagamamas.

Now as we know variety is the spice of life and my life needs that spice. The Beeb recently aired the Great British Food Revival¬†where chef-y types try to convince us to eat more British produce. ¬†Some of it was great like the shows the Hairy Bikers did on cauliflowers and Jason Atherton on cabbage. Some was less convincing like Michel Roux Jr on bread – IMHO he comes across downright loony. However, one show focussed on beetroot and featured a new beetroot juice called Beet it! Woohoo, I like beets and as I don’t have a juicer, having it ready made is a big bonus.

Unsurprisingly, it’s very beet-y so I had to add more apple juice to drink it down. Strangely when I had it with food, it wasn’t as strong in flavour. I wish I had bought a smaller bottle as once opened it lasts 4 days and it isn’t an everyday juice for me. But it’s definitely on my list of juices now. I wonder whether I could add a drop to icing to make pink icing?

If you have any recommendations on great vegetable juice combinations, I’d be happy to hear them.

P.S. Beet it! turned my pee a lovely rose wine colour which was funny. Unfortunately, on the day I drank 200ml of the stuff, it turned my poop a dark, dark colour which is not good to see at 4am when you are bleary eyed and need to be on the look out for tarry stools. Hilarious when a minute later I remembered!