Chili and colour

I have not posted any recipes lately. We have been a germ filled house which makes cooking less than fun and eating a chore. So there has been very little exploration of new recipes. I did make the Quorn Chili Recipe last night which wasn’t bad though next time, I will up the ante on the chilies (I added one huge green chili) as it wasn’t hot enough for me. We had it with taco shells and huge dollops of guacamole. I’ve frozen half of it to enjoy later…hubby said that things get spicier once frozen so maybe when it’s thawed it will be just right for my taste buds.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying some colour in my life. My beautiful Christmas cactus is in my porch and makes me very happy every time I walk in or out of the house. If you could love an inanimate object, then I would love this little plant as it hardly needs any care and rewards me twice a year with a magnificent display.

I’ve also been busy working away at various craft projects in time for Xmas. I hope the recipients appreciate them. Here is a granny blanket for tot  which just needs the ends woven in.

Wrap cardigan

I have spent most of the last 2 weeks of evenings knitting this jumper which is by far the most complicated thing I have ever done. I also had to get used to knitting again after months of crochet. My hand and arm muscles were in pain I can tell you.

The yarn of choice was Sirdar’s Double Knitting in a lovely deep red shade and I have to say after months of working with bamboo tape, I found this acrylic very unnatural feeling. The positive side is that it is both washable and tumble dry-able (unlike the bamboo tape which is the former but not the latter).

The pattern is from Sirdar’s Little Sweet Peas booklet, design H

I love the colour. And I am pretty chuffed with the final product but I didn’t follow all the instructions. I abandoned the fiddley edging and decided to crochet a simple shell edge instead which looks very pretty.

The tot doesn’t like it predominately because it’s not pink. However, after I threatened to send it to her cousin, she became very possessive. Maybe one of these days she’ll even wear it and be a pretty little ballerina.