The Owl and the Pussycat had a Potter Around

I wasn’t sure which blog to put this onto so there will be a link on Plummy Mummy to here. But it’s definitely a craft thing so [somehow] I’ll file it under “Paper” 🙂

This is not a sponsored post.

Last week, I took the tot off to Potter Around which is based on a farm in Kirknewton. You go up a bumpy gravelly path and approach the farm. I parked outside but later saw that the building that the studio is based in has more parking.  Now I have to tell you, it’s flipping fantastic that 5 mins drive from our house we are in farmland. I am slowly realising and beginning to appreciate that we may be living in Semi Rural Scotland. Livingston is a sprawling mass of shops and housing but near us we have gorgeous country parks, and lovely villages. And great places to do craft on FARMS!

Potter Around has all sorts of craft stuff including wool (ooooh!), fimo (oooooh!), jewellry making stuff (aaahhhh!) …oops I’m starting to do a parody of a rural person. Must stop. But predominately, it’s a pottering studio. The great thing if you are like me and tot, who have never pottered is that you go in, choose a model and then are let loose on all the paint and glitter your wee heart desires. And it turns out, I’m rather a big fan of glitter. It’s not cheap so we would only be able to go once in a while for a treat, but I like how the price is clearly marked, and you aren’t charged extras. I chose a rather modest owl but my daughter’s eyes lit up when she saw the Hello Kitty.

Having picked the model, we were shown what acrylics we could use so that we could take the models away that day. If you want the model to be fired, you use different paints and have to come back a week or so later. We don’t do deferred gratification, we are all about instant gratification so slapped on some bright colours and waited for them to dry. I kind of got into it. Little one did hers quickly and wanted to go off to play with the horses and their big house. However, Irene who is the knitter in the studio, patiently sat with my daughter and encouraged her to fill in the white bits. That done, she got down to playing with the toys in the studio while I finished my owl. While we waited for them to dry I went off to look around buy some wool and buttons.

We were there for hours. Karen who is one of the co-owners, is very welcoming and great with the little one. We were given lovely tea and juice and had a great time and best of all, my house is now covered in glitter as I may have gone a bit overboard in what I shook onto the models…it looks glorious in our record breaking Scottish sunshine.

Potter Around

Potter Around
Overton Farm
West Lothian
EH27 8DD

Opening Times
Mon-Sat: 10-5pm
Sun: 1-5pm