Louisiana Sweet Potato Pancakes

I bought some sweet potatoes at the weekend. Sweet potatoes are choc full of betacarotene which boosts your immune system, vitamin c, fibre and are also a complex form of carbohydrate which is important for tots who like to run around.  The intention was to make them into a shak but today I decided to use one potato for some Louisiana Sweet Potato Pancakes.

They were delicious – both tot and hubby gobbled them up quickly with some lamb and egg. I think tot would happily have just eaten the pancakes alone which makes my veggie heart very happy (when she has meat, my heart sinks a bit but if she has something veggie it soars). I opted to have mine with a fried egg and some sour cream. I will definitely be making them again however, will use less baking powder as I was left with a bit of an aftertaste. I will also steam or roast the potato to preserve more nutrients.

I have a suspicion that these pancakes are meant for brekky or maybe a brunch and not dinner. It would be useful to have some serving suggestions.

BTW allrecipe site is BRILLIANT – very user-friendly. It can work out different quantities to cook which was good as the original recipe makes 24 pancakes which is apparently 8 servings (obviously not everyone gets the same number of pancakes). I decided to make 4 servings even though there are only 3 of us…we are greeeeeeedy! I’ll have to look at some other recipes to see how well this works as it’s not always a case of just halving ingredients blah blah.

The site also has an option for “kitchen friendly” view where you lose all the ads etc and just see the recipe. Unfortunately, there was a teeny-weeny glitch and the pancakes kitchen view was for a different recipe. Ah well.

And for those that need to know – all purpose flour is plain flour to us brits.