Rice krispie cakes and banana cupcakes

I wish I was like Rachel Allen or Jane Aster and could make up cake recipes. But alas, I have to turn to Google to find me the way. I’ve promised a friend who is having a charity tea party tomorrow to bring along some fairy cakes. I thought I’d also try out some rice krispie cakes. In my youth, I would buy flat chocolate covered cornflakes andchocolate rice krispies. But the Cookery Club cakes that I ended up making weren’t quite so chocolatey…next time, less rice krispies and much, much more choccy! I also noticed that I have a lot more than 12 bun cases full. I think my kitchen scales may be lying to me…oh how I wish that were true of the scales in my bathroom.

Cruelly, I decided to make the banana cupcakes whilst my hubby was putting toddler to sleep. So she’s got the smell of lovely cooking bananas to help her waft off to sleep. I used the Tesco Magazine Banana Cupcakes recipe. As you can see, they are slightly brown on the top (dare I say burnt) but tomorrow morning, before taking them to the party, I’m going to cover them in yummy buttercream. That’s if we don’t end up eating them all tonight. Scoff!!

Update: Woke up this morning to cream my cakes. The first batch of buttercream icing went wrong as silly me used caster sugar. The second batch was perfect and I had great fun with my new piping bag…not a professional finish but so much fun!