Cassava (Mogo) – roasted (or fried!)

Roasted cassava, chilipaperchains 

I didn’t take a solo picture of my purchase but the cassava are the the long brown veg at the back of the fat Sicilian aubergine. Gujuratis love mogo especially fried as fat chips or cut into thin slices and fried as crisps. Growing up my parents would eat the fried chips as a snack with lemon juice, salt and heaps of chili powder. I love the taste which is less sweet than a parsnip. They are a doddle to cook too. To prepare, wash the veg, then chop off the ends. You can cut the brown outer layer off with a knife but to save as much of the white inner you can peel the skin off. I did this by making a very shallow cut along one side then peeling the skin back. As soon as I did, I got a whoosh of the wonderful mogo smell. In truth the peel of this came off very easily whereas the other didn’t. Also, when I cut the ends off I was able to see black veins through the white flesh. A quick web search told me that the black veins mean it’s going off so sadly, I ditched that one.

Cassava Dodgy cassava Sliced cassava Par boiled cassava

  • Once peeled, wash again to remove any grainy bits and then slice into your preferred chip size, going a thin as a crisp if you like
  • Before cooking, I parboiled the mogo as it’s quite a hard veg. Only boil until it’s a bit easier to put a fork into the flesh – as in the fourth picture above where it’s slightly translucent at the edges
  • Drain the mogo and let it dry
  • Tonight, I really, really wanted to fry them as chips but I didn’t have enough groundnut oil so I decided to roast them instead. Like roast potatoes, it’s nice if you give the parboiled mogo a bit of a shake to make the edges roast nice and crispy
  • Place in an oven proof dish and toss about in a generous amount of oil
  • Cook until the outer skin is crispy golden brown and inner is soft (like a jacket potato). The amount of time to cook depends on the size of the chips and how young the mogo is (younger mogo takes longer as the flesh is firmer)
  • As I wanted my little one to try it, I served the roasted chips with a little salt. However, if they were for me, they would be deep fried and covered with lemon salt and chili powder!