Easy chocolate mousse

I do love chocolate mousse but all that cream gives my heart a huge roundhouse kick.  So I was intrigued when I came across an Ellie Kreiger show where she was making Chocolate Mousse….with silken tofu! I didn’t have any dutch processed cocoa powder so opted for a much simpler Veg Mousse pudding using a 100g block of Green and Black’s Maya Gold chocolate (a delicious orange infused dark chocolate).

This is the first time I’ve used silken tofu and the first time I’ve had a tofu pudding – the end result was grainy. The taste was nice and light though you wouldn’t mistake it for a real mousse.  Hubby decided it tasted better when eaten with a huge dollop of vanilla ice-cream. Tomorrow we will have the remaining 2 ramekins with some raspberries. As far as puddings go, this was a success and I’m also now tempted to try the Kreiger recipe…assuming I can get the right kind of cocoa powder.

P.S. Do not, like me, be tempted to taste the tofu on it’s own. It’s gross and very offputting.

Some images of my progress:

This is the Mori Nu firm silken tofu which I was surprisinginly able to buy in the local Asda.

I squished the tofu between sheets of kitchen towel for 10 minutes to squeeze water out.

I used an electric whisk to whizz the tofu but in future will do it for longer and then pass it through a sieve to make the end result less grainy.

Once the melted chocolate is blended in, I spooned the mixture into 4 ramekins, covered in cling film and placed them in the fridge to firm up.

Update 29th Aug

Today we had the last 2 ramikins with raspberries and ice-cream. Very yummy. So in future, I think I’ll use the mousse as the filling for a cheesecake.