Meeting my heroes


I was given The Spice Men for Christmas which is an interesting read.  Though most recipes aren’t suitable for a veggie, I’m fascinated by the combinations that are presented in the book. And I absolutely adore Cyrus Todiwala and Tony Singh.

So imagine my schoolgirl giggle as I came across Mr Singh today in St Andrew’s Square at the Christmas market. He has a stall there and after doing one passby, I was persuaded by Mr Plummy Mummy to go and say hello. A bad encounter in the past puts me off. As a student I worked in Next opposite the Comedy Store in London’s Trafalgar Square – Josie Lawrence came in to try on shoes and I told her that I really liked her comedy to which she rudely told me that she came in to try shoes and didn’t want to be bothered. Uh…OKAAAAY. I wasn’t after anything. I thought I was just complimenting her. 

Anyhoooooo, Mr Singh was super nice and when hubby told him I’d got his book for Xmas, he even said he would autograph it. Sadly I didn’t have it with me. But he was very nice and said he could do it tomorrow if I came back. Alas no plans to go back. But he was so so nice, I’m almost tempted. I really did put a spring in my step! 


Persimmon shiro


CPC Persimmon Halwa

Only 2 days to go and it’s my favourite time of year DIWALI!!!!

I have to admit that I haven’t made as much as I had planned this year – life has got in the way. However, I had some gorgeous looking persimmon in the house and wanted to make something new with them. I used the same method as Gajjar Halwa (carrot halwa) but the final result was more like the popular Gujarati sweet called suji no shiro (semolina based sweet). The night I made it, we ate it without any additions and it was very tasty. You cannot really taste the persimmon as the fruit has a subtle flavour but the sweetness was definitely there. We all enjoyed it but felt that in future it would benefit from sultanas being stirred through and topped off with almond slivers.


350g persimmon

1 tablespoon ghee

2 tablespoons sugar

1 cup milk

2 green cardamom

1 pinch of saffron steeped in a little water



IMG_1349IMG_1351  IMG_1352Toasting green cardamom

  • My persimmon were still firm but ripe. I didn’t want the flesh to be too wet. To prep, I washed, cut of the flower end and peeled the fruit. I removed the inner core and any black bits. Then I blitzed it in my little blender.
  • I lightly toasted the cardamom pods before grinding the inner seeds in a pestle and mortar
  • I soaked the saffron in about 1 tablespoon of water.
  • Grease a dish



IMG_1353 IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1358 IMG_1359 IMG_1360

  • I heated the ghee in a large heavy bottom pan
  • Added the pulped persimmon flesh, mixed well in the ghee and cooked for about 15 minutes, stirring all the time. The plan was to dry out the fruit
  • Added the sugar and milk. I didn’t want the dessert to be too sweet. So if you have a go at making this, then adjust according to taste.
  • Added the saffron water and ground cardamom
  • Kept stirring until the milk evaporated and the mixture was coming away from the sides of the pan
  • I then put the mixture it into the greased dish and pressed down before putting it in the fridge to chill.  In future, I will stir in 1/2 tablespoon sultanas and leave it in a bowl. Before serving, I will add about 1 tablespoon of almond slivers.


DIY Party People


Before you get too excited, let me make clear I do not do DIY. I will never ever do Homes Under the Hammer (which I love!) or Changing Rooms or any such thing. Painting a wall bores me in about 2 seconds and I’m not to be trusted near any tools with teeth.

However, I am a craft loving woman who has married a craft loving family. This year we decided to throw our daughter a birthday party, invite all her class and (rather foolhardily) do a lot of it ourselves. It was fun! I had spent large amounts of Summer with the kiddo watching Art Attack and the brilliant Art Zooka  so I was ready! The party theme was “Wild Animals”.

We went into creative overdrive!

1. Invitations: Homemade using MS Publisher. I have never used it before so not only was I creating an invite, I was also learning a skill. I was amazed at how much clip art has improved since I last used it. Result!

2. I made a pinata following some instructions from Pinata Boy. My first attempt using a punch ball and flour paste collapsed sadly overnight. So I tried again with a normal balloon and Art Attack glue (=PVA and water in equal parts) and used the Pinataboy tip of covering the whole thing in paper first. All in all I made 4 layers of paper/glue before covering it with white streamers cut up using my recycling scissors and some decorative touches. At the party, it was so tough the kids couldn’t break it and Mr Plummy Mummy had to smash it with his boot. This lead to a massive scramble for the contents by the kids and lots of tears from my kiddo who didn’t want to see the thing broken.


3.  Food – Mini cakes. With some Betty Crocker icing. Kids never seem to finish cakes at a party so I thought these mini cakes would be best. Ended up making so many that each kid got 2 each and the parents had a few ….just to taste you understand!


As someone who teaches healthy eating as a living, I had to have fruit at the party. These were in the form of fruit kebabs, the sticks of which we stuck into a hollowed out watermelon shell. Some kids ate them, some had loads and some had none. I love the kid that had loads!

4. Photo booth. This was the most fun. Photo booth props can be expensive. We had a large frame lying around as the glass had broken in a housemove. I got hold of a cheap Gangnum style poster from ToysRUs and some wallpaper lining to make a picture for the other side. My husband attached the side wood and a base so it would stand. In doing so, he managed to near saw his finger off. Poor guy.

I was pretty proud of my naiive Hello Kitty painting on wallpaper lining…and am now totally in love with acrylic painting! Not many kids used it at the party but the ones that did looked very cute. The great thing is we still have the structure and can just update it with new pictures when we want.

??????????????????????????????? Hello kitty prop

My mother in law and sister in law also made some photo booth props. Sadly, these were hardly used by the kids. I wonder if at the age of 6 they were too young to understand the concept. They even left all the face masks that we provided for them to decorate despite spending ages nicely colouring them in.

4. Safari man! Hubby made some binoculars from some 2 litre soda bottles. He also wanted a giant net where my dubious sewing skills paled in comparison to his engineering know how to make it stay upright! My daughter is now short one hula hoop but again, it was worth it. The kids loved both his props.

?????????? Binoculars

5. There were loads of other homemade things – a game my mother in law came along with where she printed off lots of animals and the kids had to find their animal mates plus a simple obstacle course hubby and I devised using cones from Tiger, Tiger and some tunnels and boxes from Ikea. He even recruited help from work in getting people to save the milk bottle caps that we used as part of the game.

It wasn’t all home made though. For the second half we had some lovely Cool Creatures come along and the kids had a go at touching meerkats, a hedgehog, a skunk(!!!!), a skink (lizard with a blue tongue) and snakes. I went running away at this point as snakes made my skin crawl but the kids were amazing especially when it came to the very long albino python.

??????????????????????????????? IMG_1216 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????

Not everything went to plan. We started late so we didn’t play all the games we planned. Not all the kids wanted to do the dancing game (perhaps they are too young for the Birdy song?). One child refused to join in with ANYTHING (grrrrrrrrrrr). The music wasn’t loud enough – we had it at sensible levels compared to the eardrum smashing levels that I have heard at other kids’ parties. We didn’t put enough chairs out so had to scramble when it came time for the food, the hall was hot so there were not enough drinks for the kids and then a lot of the food was not eaten. And finally, the animal man took time to go around with his creatures which would have worked better with fewer kids as many of them got bored.

However, despite all that and our running around like headless chickens – I think seeing my gorgeous girl bravely handle all the animals and only have one meltdown during the whole party means it was a success. I am also confident that I will not be repeating the experience for at least another 15 years!

Handmade raksha bandhan cards


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I am a Hindu like some people are Christians – only celebrating the fun festivals like Christmas and Easter. I blame my parents for not educating me properly!!

Today is one of the Hindu festivals that I love – Raksha Bandhan ; a day when brothers and sisters come together to show how much they love each other. The sister ties a rakhi onto her brother’s wrists and give him some sweets. The brother promise to look after his sister for the following year and give her a small gift.  Girls can also tie them onto cousins, especially if they don’t have brothers. And in some parts of the world, friends tie them onto male friends.

We never really do it properly in our house. In devout houses, the rakhis are blessed on the household temple, the sister will put mark her brother’s forehead and give him some delicious indian sweets to eat. Whilst I have always made sure I have the rakhis, I usually don’t get my brothers any sweets and so feel a little guilty when they give me their small presents. But as we now live so far apart, I try to make an effort with the rakhis. Last year I hand made them using a japanese kumihimo disk and beautiful mercerised cotton embroidery thread that I spent ages looking for – 1 brother was appreciative, 1 was dismissive and the other didn’t even mention receiving the rakhi (I was gutted after all the effort I put in). I also sent one to a very dear friend who means a lot to me – who was supersweet about it. This year, I used shop bought ones – there seems to only be one place in Edinburgh where I can get them.  I hand made the cards. I’m very pleased with how they turned out and I hope my brothers and nephews (my little on sends them to her cousin brothers) love them. Dismissive brother sent me a thank you text this morning…so I must be on the right track. I hope my travel mad brother likes his…it’s my fave – then again, he’s the one who does not acknowledge so I may never know!

P.S. Can’t figure out how to get the images the right way up!

Fizzy stain glass biscuits


Well we are into week 3 of our summer holidays and it was time for a bit of baking. A few months ago I picked up the DK Kid’s First Cook Book from TKMaxx (also available on ebay for 99p). It’s a fun book for kids because it’s big and the photographs are lifesize.


We used the spiced biscuits recipe to make some simple stain glass biscuits. As it’s summer, I omitted the cinnamon from the biscuit recipe. We used some boiled fruit sweets with sherbert centres which gave us a wonderful bubbly window…and were still fizzy after being baked. I was particularly pleased with the star-fish and with the dinosaur footprint (used a flame cutter so maybe will reuse for Diwali)

All in all, a fun project for a thundery, rainy afternoon :)


IMG_0791 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0795 IMG_0797



Not a food post about special brownies so turn away if that’s what you’re after. I have bought myself some Sharpies and often have some stones lying around home.

Messing about this evening in a “two sides of a coin” style I came up with a ‘Heart of Stone’ on one side, and a ‘Heart of Love’ on the other. Wonder what a psychologist would make of it all?!?

CPC Heart of StoneCPC Heart of love



Just a note – the sharpie is not very fine nibbed and the ink spread a bit. Will have to find another way to paint my stones to get a better image.

Easy as pie mixed fruit tea loaf



Mixed fruit tea loaf whole

You only need the ability to mix to make this very easy mixed fruit tea loaf. It only took an hour to cook too so after a quick cooling we were able to tuck into a slice for afternoon tea. Hubby had his with coffee but he’s forgiven – it doesn’t really have a strong tea taste so if you don’t like tea, you need not worry.

It’s nice on it’s on and is fat free. However, if you are like me, you will have yours with a lovely hot cuppa and a thick smearing of butter. Yummmmy!

Here is the original recipe with my amendments in italics


  • 300g mixed fruit (I used 90g apricots chopped up, 110g sultanas and 100g raisins)
  • 175g raw cane sugar (I used Asda’s dark brown sugar which labels says is raw cane sugar)
  • 300ml strained cold tea
  • 1 medium egg, beaten
  • 200g self-raising wholemeal flour (I used half wholemeal, and half plain so that it wouldn’t be too heavy)
  • ½ tsp ground mixed spice
  • oil and margarine for greasing the tin


  1. Start by preparing the fruit the night before. Put the mixed fruit and sugar in a bowl and pour over the strained cold tea and stir well. Then cover and leave overnight, this will make the loaf moist.
  2. The next day, preheat the oven to 180°C or gas mark 4.
  3. Add the beaten egg, flour and mixed spice to the fruit and tea mixture and beat well, until thoroughly mixed.
  4. Carefully pour the cake mix to a lightly greased and floured loaf tin, and bake in the middle of the oven for 1 to 1 hours 15 minutes. Test the loaf is cooked by inserting a knife and it should come out clean.
  5. Let the loaf cool in the tin for 5 to 10 minutes and then turn out onto a wire rack to finishing cooling.

Mixed fruit tea loaf