Diwali Goodies from Amma Spices

OMG What a fantastic day I have had. There was a terrifying windy gale (blowing a hoolie is a term that applies) last night and tonnes of rain but I braved it all to drive into Edinburgh to see a friend. We got a bit of culture in the amazing Edinburgh Portrait Gallery and then onto the National Gallery on Princes Street.

However, I have a teeny tiny confession to make. I was only willing to go into Edinburgh to visit our favourite spot for Indian shopping – Amma Spices. Earlier this week, the owner posted that he had sweets in stock. INDIAN SWEETS. and DIWALI cards. I was beyond excited as it’s nigh on impossible to get cards in Edinburgh (one year, I was super lucky to get them at Carlton Cards on Princes Street but alas, the store is no more).

Patience was defo a virtue today as the sweets were very late in coming. I parked my card near the store at 11am, got into town for a bit of art and then came back at 4pm, salivating. Only to be turned away. An hour away (and over £50 lighter, thanks Sainsburys), I returned and became the annoying customer who demanded all the boxes be opened so I could get my goodies. Now, they didn’t have the mix box of sweets I like so I bought this lot instead. And some lovely cards too. Very very happy. Only 4 days to go before I stuff my face though the pani puri is going to wait until we are back from visiting the family.

The Amma Spices lads. Unpacking all their goodies.


Amma Spices, 267 Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh EH11 1TX

tel: 0131 629 6847

My haul safely home in my kitchen. I’m going to divvy some up for hubby to take to work, and the rest is going firmly in our gob. Except the pani puri which I’m saving for after Diwali. OMG I just can’t stop squeeling with delight.

IMG_1955 IMG_1958 IMG_1957


Meeting my heroes

I was given The Spice Men for Christmas which is an interesting read.  Though most recipes aren’t suitable for a veggie, I’m fascinated by the combinations that are presented in the book. And I absolutely adore Cyrus Todiwala and Tony Singh.

So imagine my schoolgirl giggle as I came across Mr Singh today in St Andrew’s Square at the Christmas market. He has a stall there and after doing one passby, I was persuaded by Mr Plummy Mummy to go and say hello. A bad encounter in the past puts me off. As a student I worked in Next opposite the Comedy Store in London’s Trafalgar Square – Josie Lawrence came in to try on shoes and I told her that I really liked her comedy to which she rudely told me that she came in to try shoes and didn’t want to be bothered. Uh…OKAAAAY. I wasn’t after anything. I thought I was just complimenting her. 

Anyhoooooo, Mr Singh was super nice and when hubby told him I’d got his book for Xmas, he even said he would autograph it. Sadly I didn’t have it with me. But he was very nice and said he could do it tomorrow if I came back. Alas no plans to go back. But he was so so nice, I’m almost tempted. I really did put a spring in my step! 


Start as I mean to go on

I’ve enjoyed reading all the Christmas and New Year posts on blogs that I follow. I wish I was that organised – I have so many unfinished objects/tasks/things to do trailing behind me from 2011. There is nothing new in that – I rarely finish off a year by errr finishing.

They will all have to wait as at the end of this week, we are moving to Livingston – I will have to overcome my natural procrastination (a fancy word for laziness if you ask me) and pack up our ever growing stuff. All being well (i.e. we get an internet connection soonish), I should be back to finish that draft on the ratatouille I made mid December! ‘Til then, I shall enjoy sticking to me resolutions…once I get round to making them that is.